Herold Gie’s Pension Law department is highly regarded, offering comprehensive legal advice with regard to any pension related matter, and in particular the following:

• Pension-, Provident-, Retirement annuity -, Umbrella- or Preservation funds
• Defined benefit and defined contribution funds
• Corporate governance
• Independent trusteeships
• Pension interest claims on divorce
• Death benefit distributions and disability claims
• Drafting and advising on rule amendments
• Drafting and advising on service level agreements
• Advice on conversions, restructurings and section 14 transfers
• Compliance and related aspects
• Litigating before the Pension Funds Adjudicator
• New surplus distributions

The principles pertaining to each type of fund, and the benefits payable, are complex areas of understanding. Herold Gie offers a range of services that include advice for purposes of planning, decision-making or troubleshooting in a variety of instances.

Who to speak to:


Karin MacKenzie