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Commercial Law
17th Jun 2022

Can parties to contracts rely on a Force Majeure clause due to Covid-19 despite the relaxation of restrictions and lifting of the National State of Disaster?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused some great disruptions to the global economy to which most African countries are still recovering from the effects thereof. Like most countries, South Africa in…

Trusts and Estates
17th Jun 2022

Testamentary Capacity and the Golden Rule

In the law of succession, every person enjoys what is known as ‘freedom of testation’. As the Constitutional Court recently explained in King NO and Others v De Jager and…

Administrative Law
9th May 2022

Confusion follows apex court decision on tender regulations: what BEE principles will apply in government procurement?

The judgment was confusing enough, especially as it won the barest majority in the Constitutional Court and overturned what had come to seem a central tenet of South African government…