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Administrative Law
23rd Sep 2022

What remedies does a person have if they are unsuccessful in bidding for a public tender?

Have you tendered to provide goods or services to a government entity, have spent time and money compiling your bid, making sure it ticked each requirement of the tender specifications…
Administrative Law
9th Sep 2022

Beware asking the Constitutional Court to second guess its own judgments

Following the delivery of the Afribusiness judgment in the Constitutional Court (CC), the Director General of National Treasury issued a communication on 25 February 22 to all organs of state.…
Pension Law
2nd Sep 2022

Sharing in a spouse’s pension asset – can you be better off as a divorcee than a widow?

Earlier this year Karin MacKenzie, head of our Pension Law unit, presented the case law review at the annual conference of the Pension Lawyers Association. Whilst the focus of the…