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Administrative Law
9th May 2022

Confusion follows apex court decision on tender regulations: what BEE principles will apply in government procurement?

The judgment was confusing enough, especially as it won the barest majority in the Constitutional Court and overturned what had come to seem a central tenet of South African government…

dismissed over side business Employment and Labour LawLitigation
4th Apr 2022

Employee dismissed for not disclosing side business

The labour appeal court has upheld the dismissal of a woman, employed by a meat-products company to sell their products, but who ran her own sideline business selling similar goods…

11th Mar 2022

What happens when a security company fails to protect it’s client?

The private security industry in South Africa is one of the largest in the world, with 2021 year-end figures showing more than 2.4m registered security officers countrywide and almost 11,400…