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Property Law
8th July 2024

The “voetstoots” clause and hidden (latent) defects when selling a property

In a recent case, Gortzen and Another v Moolman, the high court an appeal by 2 property owners, the sellers, Mr and Mrs G, who were seeking to have an…
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
24th June 2024

The Legal Shield: When is Legal Advice a defence against contempt of court allegations?

Attorneys get a bad rap in no small part because some of their numbers are disposed, by hubris or an itchy palm (Harvey Specter, I’m looking at you), to lock…
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
24th June 2024

But it it urgent, though?

It is common practice amongst legal practitioners, acting on the instructions of their clients, to petition the court on an urgent basis for various matters. Typically, this occurs when practitioners…